IDM shows a video download panel in my browser not near top right corner of a web player but in some other place. Why is it happening and what should I do?

1. At first please make sure that you have installed the latest version of IDM.

2. If you use Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome this can happen if your IDM add-on is missing/disabled or wrongly configured. Please read here how to properly integrate IDM into Internet Explorer, FireFox and Chrome.

If this happen only at some particular site, then IDM cannot find web player used by this site in browser object model and draws video download panel at top right corner of the dialog. You can report exact web pages with such problems to us and we will try add support for web players used on them.

3. If you use Opera or some other browser, it is normal situation. For these browsers IDM cannot get object model and find web player. This why by default it draws video download panel at bottom left corner of the browser. But you can drag video downlaod panel with your mouse at any place of your browser window and it will be always shown at that place.